Désolé Gen Z’ers, seuls les milléniaux réussissent ce quiz en classe des années 90

  1. First off, what did these treasure chests hold?

    u/CTMOSHUN / reddit.com

  2. What was the name of the school in this book?


  3. This order form was from what book fair?

    u/SSpSpoSpouSpout / reddit.com

  4. What game were these used for?

    u/gabriellalejandra / reddit.com

  5. Where would you find this?

    u/ragincasian1 / reddit.com

  6. What did this contraption do?


  7. What dance were these kids doing?

    u/someguy34a / reddit.com

  8. What was this machine called?

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  9. What were these thingies used for?

    u/RefrigMike / reddit.com

  10. What was this person doing to this calculator?

    u/Mea05cer / reddit.com

  11. What was the blue part of the eraser for?

    u/Lauren092916 / reddit.com

  12. What was the name of this pencil box brand?

     / reddit.com

  13. What the heck was this?

    u/-icon / reddit.com

  14. And lastly, what was this paper used for?

    u/ronnieth024 / reddit.com

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